Founding member of KT → Traded to Lotte…Left-handed bullpen “I want to come to my hometown team to motivate me and get the best results”

Shim Jae-min (29), who became a Lotte Giants player, revealed his final determination.

On the 19th, Lotte recruited left-hander Shim Jae-min through a one-on-one trade with KT. In return, infielder Lee Ho-yeon (28), who had a batting average of over 40% in the Futures League, was given away.

Shim Jae-min, who joined the pros in 2014 as a priority for KT’s new team, moved to Lotte with a record of 13 wins, 20 losses, 2 saves, 31 holds, and an average ERA of 5.03 in 293 games at KT. He laid the foundation for KT’s mound as a left-handed bullpen agent and also played an active part in the winning team. This year, however, he has become less useful in the first team as his velocity has been markedly reduced. In the end, KT, who needed an infielder, made a trade offer first, and the transfer took place.

On the 20th, ahead of the Sajik SSG match, he immediately joined the 1st team and started training as a Lotte man. Coach Larry Sutton said, “It’s a good thing that you can get a left-handed pitcher at any time. Whether you’re a starter or a bullpen, a left-handed pitcher has a premium.” After the game on the 20th, we plan to discuss Shim Jae-min’s future schedule.” For the time being, Shim Jae-min is expected to improve his physical condition while training with the first team.

Shim Jae-min, whom we met wearing a Lotte training suit after training, said, “I came to the dorm after the Futures game yesterday, and I learned about it because my colleagues told me about it.” On the other hand, a good opportunity came and I had a good heart,” he explained his feelings at the time of the trade. Director Lee Kang-cheol, who tried to moderate Shim Jae-min, said to Shim Jae-min, “I’m sorry. Go to Lotte and do well.”

Shim Jae-min, who started playing baseball at Gimhae Angels Little and graduated from Gaeseong Middle School and Gaesong High School in Busan, spent his school days under the influence of Lotte. Even now, his home is in Gimhae. He said, “Busan is a very good area and I grew up watching Lotte baseball, so I had a desire to go to Lotte when I was young.” “He said about his hometown team 메이저사이트.

And he said, “Maybe it’s because I came out of Busan, so it’s motivating. I hope Lotte will be the last team and I want to prepare well and make the best grades once.”

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