Foreigner who was sick for all but 11 days has no intention of replacing…”I’m not in a hurry”

I don’t rush things. It’s not because I can afford it, it’s because I can’t.”

Doosan Bears foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle, 27, has been on the first team only 11 days this year. The rest of the time, he was sick. When he was hit in the head by a pitch in Australia’s spring training in late February and suffered a fractured vertebrae, it was inevitable that he would have to wait, but when he was sidelined with a right elbow flexor strain on March 15, the word “replacement” was inevitably mentioned. Injuries to the elbow and shoulder are among the most sensitive areas of a pitcher’s body.

When Doosan first announced Dillon’s elbow injury, it said that he would “miss one start while undergoing treatment and strengthening exercises.” However, based on the current state of his training, one start is not enough time.

Doosan is not thinking about a replacement right now. All club officials agree that the market for foreign players is not good right now. For now, it’s better to hope that Dillon can recover and come back and pitch well sooner rather than later.

Dillon was 1-0 with an 8.00 ERA in two starts and nine innings before injuring his elbow. His injury in camp didn’t give him enough time to build up his body for the long haul, and his eagerness to get results in Korea led him to throw a lot of hard pitches. His eagerness to settle into the Doosan and KBO leagues quickly led to elbow pain.

After taking a break, Dylan rejoined the first team on the 23rd and started training. He finished the day with a simple catch ball drill and will move on to bullpen pitching if his elbow is still fine after the catch ball 먹튀검증.

Lee said, “It was his first time playing catch, but there were no major problems. I’ll get a report from the training part. Originally, he was supposed to join the Future Team, but since his home is close to Jamsil, they made it easier for him. We have a home game until Sunday (28), so I’ll be watching closely with the pitching coach (while staying with the first team),” he explained.

“If I play catch until tomorrow (April 24), I don’t think I’ll have a bullpen pitching schedule. If I feel good, I’ll probably pitch next week at the earliest. If I don’t feel good, I’ll push it back. I don’t rush things. It’s not because I can afford it, it’s because I’m not feeling well.”

Lee is looking forward to getting back to his original five-man starting rotation of Raul Alcantara, Dillon, Choi Won-jun, Goobin, and Seung-yong Choi (Kim Dong-ju). When Dillon briefly returned, Kwak-Bin was sidelined with a lower back sprain. Kwak-bin is expected to return first against the Incheon SSG Landers on Nov. 28.

When asked about the difficulty of selecting a starting five, Lee said, “Kwak-bin is coming back this week. I guess the heavens don’t allow it easily,” he replied and tried to smile.

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