“Evaluation that the pitching ability is weak, there is nothing to say”… Still, the reason why Hanwha expects

The Hanwha Eagles have not been able to get out of the ninth place in team ERA except for one year (2021, 7th place) in four seasons since 2019. In particular, last year, it was far from stable mound operation to the point where it stayed at the bottom. However, Hanwha is entering this season with high expectations. Why?

In recent years, Hanwha has consistently nominated top pick pitchers. They have talented pitchers such as right-handed pitchers Nam Ji-min (22) and Han Seung-ju (22), Moon Dong-ju (20) and Park Joon-young (20), and Kim Seo-hyun (19).

Except for Kim Seo-hyun, a rookie in the 2023 season, all of them stood out in the Futures League. I also experienced the mound for the first team, and it is time to refine it so that I can demonstrate my skills here. Since they are still young players, if they grow as the main axis, the pitching kingdom that Hanhwa dreams of can be completed. 카지노

On the 12th, Hanwha bullpen coach Park Seung-min said through the club, “It’s not just saying that we are a team, but actually our players’ balls are really good. Since we have a lot of top-pick players, there are many players with high potential. Above all, guidance I like the things that cannot be improved by doing so, such as the position or restraint, I like the things that are unique to me.”

It’s not just high-potential top-pick pitchers. After Hanwha coach Carlos Subero took over the helm, young pitchers were given a chance in the first team. Yoon San-heum (23) and Kim Gyu-yeon (21) also proved their potential in the first team last season. There are many promising pitching prospects.

However, the results (record) so far have not been good. This is because the majority of pitchers lacked the experience to fight in the first team. Right now, they are rated at the bottom of the list, but if you look at their growth potential, you can expect a lot.

Coach Park said, “It is true that results speak for themselves, so it is true that we have nothing to say about the evaluation that our pitching ability is weak. I watched with interest to see if it was bad, and I can see some parts where I can understand the reason little by little. If I find and supplement those parts well, I wonder if there will be a dramatic change.”

Hanwha hopes that the prospects will be established in the first team as soon as possible. I wonder if the team will be able to improve the pitching staff, which is considered to be in the lower ranks this year.

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