DRX, ‘Deokdam’ Seo Dae-gil excluded from the 1st round integrated roster

As DRX prepares for the summer split, the roster changes to change the mood.

On the 14th, DRX, a member of the LCK, announced through official social network channels that they were preparing for a roster change.

According to the content, DRX has been working hard to form the most competitive roster in the future, and after lengthy discussions with distance dealer Seo Dae-gil ‘Deokdam’, they decided not to include it in the 1st round integrated roster.

He also said that he would announce a new player for the position as soon as possible.

Conveying this news, DRX promised, “We will do our best to show the performance that fans expect with the goal of reaching the top.” 메이저사이트

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