Djokovic accused of ‘fake injury’ at Australian Open Chichipas ‘bad boy’ controversy

Novak Djokovic (World Ranking No. 5, Serbia) expressed discomfort over the controversy over the ‘fake injury’ that arose during the 2023 Australian Open tennis tournament. 메이저사이트

According to ESPN on the 25th, Djokovic said, “There is no reason to prove the injury is real.” Djokovic, who is in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, the first major tournament of the year being held in Melbourne, Australia, is playing with a hamstring injury. He is playing with a bandage on the top of his left leg. During the game, he made long rallies or struggled after overexertion. Even so, he overpowered his opponent and made it to the quarterfinals. He is on a 25-game winning streak at the Australian Open alone.

Then, some argued that Djokovic gave the impression that he was injured and distracted his opponent. Djokovic, who defeated Alex Diminore (Australia) 3-0 (6-2 6-1 6-2) in the round of 16 two days ago, said, “I have nothing to prove to those who doubt it.” It’s sad at times, but it’s interesting that I say ‘fake’ when I’m injured,” he dismissed the controversy over the ‘fake injury’. He said, “I also received MRI test results,” and “as in two years ago, there are many words this time, but I will use these as motivation.”

This is not the first time Djokovic has been accused of ‘fake injury’. At the 2021 Australian Open, he said he had an abdominal muscle injury, but won 3-2 against Taylor Fritz (USA) in the third round. After Djokovic won the first and second sets, he gave up the third and fourth sets, complaining of abdominal pain. However, in the 5th set, he suddenly showed normal performance, won 6-2, and eventually won the championship. It was a similar situation in the 2015 final against Andy Murray (Great Britain). Djokovic competes with Andrei Rublev (6th place, Russia) in the quarterfinals on the 25th to advance to the semifinals. In this tournament, he challenges to win his 22nd major tournament and 10th Australian Open in his career.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (4th place, Greece) was embroiled in a ‘bad boy’ controversy. Tsitsipas, who defeated Irji Rehecka (71st, Czech Republic) 3-0 in the quarterfinals of the singles on the 24th, openly invited Australian actress Margot Robbie (33) to come see her next match in a court interview. . Tsitsipas, 25, said: “I like a lot of things about Australia, but Robbie (who is from Australia) is my favorite actor.”

When the interviewer asked again, “Are you inviting Robbie (to the next match)?”, Tsitsipas pointed to the crowd and said, “I wish I could see Robbie over there someday.” The audience cheered and applauded enthusiastically. Robbie is a famous actor who has appeared in many Hollywood movies such as ‘About Time’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Tsitsipas’ comments immediately sparked controversy. Having her girlfriend, it became a problem that he openly expressed interest in another woman. It was an inappropriate remark in a public place. Chichipas has been dating his girlfriend Theodora Petalas since 2019. The British Daily Mail said, “Chichifas invited Robbie to the Australian Open match even though he has a girlfriend,” and “I feel uncomfortable with her girlfriend for revealing all this publicly.” On the other hand, some said, “Robbie is literally just her favorite actor.”

Tsitsipas will challenge Karen Khachanov (20th, Russia), who had withdrawn from Sebastian Koda (31st, USA) in the previous game, to advance to the first Australian Open final. Tsitsipas is on a five-game winning streak against Khachanov.

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