Director Subero was also pleased with the recruitment of Lee Myung-gi, “Good impression as second hitter, clear trade message”

Hanwha has strengthened its outfield depth by recruiting FA outfielder Lee Myung-ki through a signing and trade. Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also liked it. 바카라사이트

Hanwha made a trade with NC on the 14th. Free agent outfielder Lee Myung-gi signs a contract with the original team NC for up to 100 million won (annual salary of 50 million won, option of 50 million won) for a year, and then goes to Hanwha with catcher Lee Jae-yong. NC received Hanwha infielder Jo Hyun-jin and the 2024 rookie 7th round nomination right.

As a result, Hanwha recruited as many as four outside free agents this winter. After the free agency opened in November of last year, outfielder Chae Eun-seong (6 years, 9 billion won), pitcher Lee Tae-yang (4 years, 2.5 billion won), and infielder Oh Seon-jin (1+1 years, 400 million won) were recruited by storm, filling the limit of 3 outside free agents. He even brought Lee Myung-gi through a trade.

Hanwha has not yet decided who will occupy the left fielder position along with right fielder Chae Eun-seong and center fielder Brian O’Grady. The field of competition is open to the existing outfielders, but the calculation is not clear. In this situation, with the acquisition of Lee Myung-gi, who has a career batting average of 30% (.307), the number of cards that coach Subero can use has increased.

Coach Subero also said, “Lee Myung-ki was a player who impressed me as NC’s second hitter.” Now is the time to prepare for a competitive level within the league. The message of this trade is clear. He emphasized that only by winning through competition can you find your place.”

Lee Myung-gi’s addition may be news that the existing outfielders are losing their strength. However, he has been given plenty of chances over the past two years, and now he has to fight harder to get his spot. The same goes for Lee Myung-gi. If it does not rebound as much as it slumped last year, it is impossible to guarantee a starting position.

In addition, Hanwha brought in catcher Lee Jae-yong to reinforce the homeroom depth. Lee Jae-yong, who experienced 8 games in the 1st team last year after being nominated by the NC with the 48th overall ranking in the 2nd 5th round in 2017, also has a home run record in his first at-bat in his debut. He came out as a pinch hitter in the 5th inning against Changwon LG on May 6 last year and hit a two-run home run from his first at-bat in his debut.

Director Subero said, “I was worried that the depth of the catcher would weaken with In-seo Heo’s military service, but the position was filled with the joining of a catcher. “I am very satisfied that internal competition has become possible,” he said. It will help us develop into a better team.”

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