Darvish revived with ’16 wins’, a contract at the lower level? “A slightly smaller version is possible, but…”

“We will sign a contract with a slightly smaller version than Scherzer.”

The US’FOX Sports’ focused on pitchers who obtained FA (free agent) qualifications after the 2023 season ended on the 19th (Korean time) It was time to light up. And in the process, the size of Darvish’s contract was predicted.

Darvish had his best year last year. The moment when Darvish, who had never won 10 wins since 2017, was revived. Darvish pitched in 30 games and pitched 194⅔innings, recording 16-8 with an ERA of 3.10, helping the San Diego Padres advance into the postseason.

Darvish will obtain FA qualification after this season. There were reports in the past that Darvish would retire after the 2023 season, but this was not true. Darvish hopes to continue his career after the 2023 season ends. 메이저사이트

Judging by his performance last season, it’s not unusual for Darvish to sign a major league contract. But there is only one stumbling block. That is the age of Darvish. Darvish, 36, is now heading into his late 30s. After the 2023 season, he is 37 years old at the time of signing a new free agent contract, which is by no means young.

‘FOX Sports’ pointed out, “It is difficult to predict what will happen to Darvish in his late 30s in a situation where he does not know what his performance will be this season.” But it’s not just negative views. The media explained, “If Darvish has a fantastic season this year, there is a good chance he will sign a slightly smaller version of what Max Scherzer got with the New York Mets.”

Scherzer signed a three-year, $130 million (approximately 160.5 billion won) contract with the Mets prior to the 2022 season. Scherzer’s annual salary is 43.33 million dollars (approximately 53.5 billion won), which is the highest in the major leagues along with Justin Verlander (Mets).

However, for a big contract, it is most important to show off your health this year. ‘FOX Sports’ added, “If Darvish regresses on the mound or suffers an injury, he could sign a contract at a significantly different level,” adding, “For older players, the evaluation is more stringent.”

Darvish currently has a total of 188 wins in the US and Japan (95 wins in the major leagues and 93 wins in the Japanese professional baseball). He could also aim for 200 career wins this year. It remains to be seen how he will spend the 2023 season ahead of FA after playing for the Japanese national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

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