College student billiards master raised by the local billiards… Son Soo-yeon worked as a professional

graduating class of the 4th year of college. I am also busy studying. I didn’t even take billiard lessons from a professional coach. However, it caused a sensation in the quarterfinals of professional billiards. Fans can’t help but be curious. Who the hell are you?

Son Soo-yeon (Sookmyung Women’s University), who first entered 3-cushion after becoming a college student, defeated Min-ju Baek 0-3 in the quarterfinals of the PBA-LPBA Tour at the 2022-2023 Professional Billiards Individual Tournament 8th Crown Haitai Championship held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 5th. and stopped the gust of wind.

However, his strong heart strokes and intense eyes, which he showed from the round of 128 to the quarterfinals, planted a clear image among billiards fans. Even top players are often eliminated in the women’s survival match format (round of 128, round of 64, round of 32), so it was only natural that his rising wind drew attention.

In the actual round of 32 survival match, Sohn Soo-yeon eliminated the strongest Lim Jung-suk (Crown Haetae) and Kim Se-yeon (Huons). Baek Min-joo (Crown Haetae), who was competing in the same group at the time, got a ticket to the round of 16, but was pushed back to second place. It was the moment when Son Soo-yeon emerged as the eye of a typhoon after three years of his initiation. 스포츠토토

His round of 32 and quarterfinals were broadcast on TV. In an interview after being eliminated in the quarterfinals, Son Soo-yeon said, “He was a little nervous because he had to hit the ball in front of the broadcast camera. Even his table was different from what he was used to in his neighborhood. It’s a pity overall, but I’m proud that I’ve come this far. He hit happily,” he said.

Son Soo-yeon, who learned 3-cushion in earnest from 2020, is a ‘weed department’ as she refers to herself. He has never been specially taught by professional leaders. He said, “At the local billiard room in Banpo, his boss and many uncles and older brothers helped.”

It means that he did not grow by participating in clubs or competitions, but overcame the professional barrier through voluntary coaching and self-study by local masters. Of course, I have a natural sense and strong heart, and sometimes I practiced for more than 10 hours.

In the end, he reached the 20-point high in his first year of college, and failed in his first attempt to select an LPBA player (tryout) three years ago, but was able to register as a professional player the following year. Then, after three attempts last season and the fourth challenge this season, he achieved the miracle of advancing to the quarterfinals.

He explained, “I have to take classes in the department, but there were many online lectures due to the Corona 19 situation, and I think I benefited from that.” He also said, “My parents are also happy with what I do. He praised me for hitting better than I thought, and he tells me to do what I want to do.”

Majoring in tourism, he is about to graduate soon. He is also worried about his career path. But while he is in school, he has a dream he wants to achieve. It is to create a billiards club in the school.

He said, “I first encountered billiards in high school, and it was so much fun. I want female students to enjoy billiards naturally and on a daily basis. I really want to start with a school club before I graduate.”

When asked what is the advantage of billiards, “It is an indoor game, so it does not burn the season, and you have to use your brain a lot to memorize the ball system or accumulate data. My arm muscles have also grown a lot,” he laughed.

The season is over, and his future remains undecided. However, his will to challenge is overflowing. The teachers at the local billiard room are making a fuss saying, “We did a good job weeding.”

He said, “I don’t know about talent. It seems to come out as much as I practiced. I have a short pitch, but I want to work harder and go to the semifinals next time.”

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