Choi Min-jung and other short-track speed skating teams pass the qualifiers for all events of the 5th World Cup

The Korean short track team, including ‘Ace’ Choi Min-jeong, made a good start by passing all the first steps in the 5th World Cup of the International Skating Union (ISU).

Choi Min-jung easily passed the women’s 1,500m first race quarterfinals and 500m qualifiers on the first day of the 5th competition of the 2022-2023 ISU Short Track World Cup, which opened in Dresden, Germany on the 3rd (local time).

After confirming her advance to the semifinals with a record of 2:27:759 in Group 5 in the quarterfinals of the first round of the 1,500m race, she placed first in her group with a time of 43.405 seconds in the first round of women’s 500m and 43.510 seconds in the second round of heats, respectively. and advanced to the quarterfinals. 먹튀검증

Choi Min-jeong, who was the only player to win 4 gold medals at the 31st Winter Universiade last month, is showing off her unwavering performance in this competition as well.

Along with him, Gilli Kim and Gunhee Kim advanced to the 1st and 2nd rounds of the women’s 1,500m, and Huimin Seo and Soyeon Lee advanced to the next round side by side in the 500m and 1,000m.

Shim Suk-hee also passed the women’s 1,000m preliminary and 1,500m second race quarterfinals.

On the same day, the men’s national team also put on their first button without difficulty.

In the men’s 1,000m 1st and 2nd qualifying rounds, Kim Tae-seong, Park Ji-won and Lee Dong-hyun all took first place in their respective groups, and Hong Kyung-hwan, Lim Yong-jin and Lee Jun-seo advanced to the semifinals in the 1,500m 1st race.

In the 500m preliminaries, Yongjin Lim, Junseo Lee, and Taeseong Kim, and in the quarterfinals of the 1,500m second race, Jiwon Park, Donghyun Lee, and Kyunghwan Hong won the right to participate in the next round.

The Korean national team also advanced to the semi-finals by finishing first in their group in the 2,000m mixed relay, women’s 3,000m, and men’s 5,000m relay.

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