‘Canyon’ Kim Gun-bu “‘Kanna’ seems to hate Renekton”

DePlus Kia jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu said that Chang-dong “Kanna” Kim, who has won 8 matches with Renekton, hates Renekton.

On the 22nd, Dplus won 2-0 against kt Rolster, and with a record of 7 wins and 4 losses, they raised their ranking to 4th place.

‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo and ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu Kim, who played a large part in defeating kt, were selected as POG.

In the POG interview, Kim Geon-bu expressed his satisfaction in repaying the loss he suffered from kt in the 2nd round in the 1st round.

Gun-Boo Kim made known the idea that ‘Kanna’ Chang-Dong Kim was on a winning streak as Renekton, but he seemed to hate Renekton. Kim Geon-bu said, “‘Kanna’ doesn’t like Renekton because it’s not fun. He seems to enjoy playing other champions. He seems to hate Renekton.”

Regarding the use of Nidali for the first time in about a year, he revealed the reason for choosing Nidali, saying, “I thought that Nidali would be advantageous to Wukong. It would be overwhelmingly advantageous if I did not make mistakes when objecting.”

Q; Achieved 7 wins.
imaginary number; I lost 1-2 to kt in the 1st round, so I wanted to get revenge, but I feel good because I got my revenge well.
Kim Geon-bu; I lost unfortunately in the first round, so I really wanted to win, but it’s nice to win cleanly.

Q; He showed a bad performance against strong teams. what did you talk about
imaginary number; A lot of missing parts were revealed. It seems there are many things to fix. I said to have fun without sagging.

Q; I used Nidalee for the first time in a year.
Kim Geon-bu; Nidalee thought it was an advantage for Goku. I thought I could widen the jungle gap. I thought it would be overwhelmingly advantageous if I didn’t make mistakes when doing objects.

Q; Renekton from ‘Kanna’ is on an 8-game winning streak.
Kim Geon-bu; ‘Kanna’ doesn’t like using Renekton because it’s not fun. He seems to have fun playing other champions. He seems to hate Renekton.

Q; What is your resolution for the next game against the Guangdong Freecs?
imaginary number; Guangdong seems to have no winners compared to their skills. I almost lost in the first round, and I think I should win well.
Kim Geon-bu; I think Guangdong is doing well, and I will prepare well and win. 온라인바카라

Q; Last thing I want to say.
imaginary number; It seems that my performance has been disappointing lately, but I will show you how to grow in the future.
Kim Geon-bu; My performance has been poor lately. As I got older, there were many things to see. I think I can do better in the future.

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