“Because I know that feeling well”… ‘Declaration of retirement’ 158km fireballer, dreaming of a college player

Lee Tae-oh (29) was also called by the Doosan Bears in 2012 as a foster player. Joining the team under the name Lee Dong-won, he drew a lot of attention by throwing a fastball in the middle of 150km, which was not common at the time.

His pitching was unstable, but one well-placed ball was enough to make the heart flutter. The saying ‘if it explodes, it’s a jackpot’ followed.

He was named to the 2020 Opening Day roster. In the meantime, the ball that held him back seemed to be gaining ground little by little.

The eagerly awaited first team stage. But was it too trembling? Debuting in the first team on ‘Children’s Day’ on May 5, 2020, he came down the mound with only two walks without an outcount.

He walked away from the first team again. After the 2021 season, Doosan eventually stopped accompanying.

It is the Lotte Giants who reached out their hand. Still, the mid-150 km ball was attractive. His name was also changed from Lee Dong-won to Lee Tae-oh.

He greeted the season with a new mindset, but the first team mound was still not reached. He pitched 37⅓ innings in 39 games in the Futures League. Most matches and innings since his debut. However, in the end, the Lotte uniform had to be taken off after a year.

He still had a quick ball, but Lee Tae-o’s time to make a decision came. He married after the season and became the head of the household. He eventually ended his playing career.

Lee Tae-oh, who recently reached out to him, said, “To be honest, I feel regretful.” However, he explained, “My elbow hurt, and I also received injection treatment. Last year, I threw the most balls, but I endured it.”

Although he takes off his uniform as a player, his relationship with baseball continues. Lee Tae-o begins his leadership career as a coach at Gangneung Yeongdong University. Lee Tae-oh said, “After being released, I happened to have a relationship with Gangneung Yeongdong University coach Kim Chul-ki.” will be,” he said.

Lee Tae-oh said, “I have met many coaches so far. I have learned so much.” “I will become a coach who respects the opinions of players a lot. I want to talk a lot and find a reasonable way especially when it comes to pitching form. Player I will try to understand a lot of people’s feelings.”

Lee Tae-o said, “I’ve been at Doosan for a long time and I’ve been at Lotte for a year. But all the fans were precious to me.” I did, but it was not enough. As a leader, I will try to make good players.” 먹튀검증

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