‘Average No. 1’ Kang Dong-gung “Billiard stroke is an eternal task”

“The desire to win is always the same.”

Kang Dong-gung (SK Rent-A-Car), the strongest player in Korea, said this after defeating difficult opponent Lee Sang-yong 3-0 in the round of 16 of the ‘Crown Haetae PBA-LPBA Championship’ held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 6th. Kang Dong-gung, who reached the quarterfinals, faces Choi Jae-dong, who ranks first with an average of 1.813 among the eight players who advance to the quarterfinals.

Kang Dong-gung scored a complete victory on the day with 10 high runs in the first set, 7 in the 2nd set, and 8 in the 3rd set. When Lee Sang-yong recorded 9 high runs in the first set, 1 inning, he showed ‘superpower’ by counterattacking with 10 long hits.

Kang Dong-gung said, “I think I’m in good shape for this tournament. It is also memorable that she met with Kang Seung-yong in the round of 64 and Lee Sang-yong in the round of 16 to avenge her last defeat. The flow is good,” she explained.

Kang Dong-gung is regarded as the best player in Korea. However, after winning twice in the first year and last season, he has not been able to establish a relationship with the trophy. She has reached the quarterfinals three times this season, the best she has done until this tournament.

Kang Dong-gung said, “Unlike when practicing, there are times when it is different when you enter the stadium. He thinks about his stroke and makes it difficult for himself by changing it often. This time, everything is working out well.”

Of course, there was a hurdle in the match against Kim Hyun-woo (NH Nonghyup Card) in the round of 32. At that time, I felt a crisis as I lost even after recording 10 high runs in the first set. However, with improvisation, they won 3-1 come-from-behind. He said, “I copied his opponent because his body was heavy and his arms were slow. He gave a light impact and released his strength, so the ball hit well,” he laughed.

Stroke is always a concern even for the best pros. Kang Dong-gung said, “There is no problem when things go well. However, even small changes are affected. Sometimes it feels like someone who isn’t me comes in and hits me. It’s a bad feeling when that happens,” she explained. She also said, “Even if I write down my memories of winning in a notebook and practice over and over again, it will be different in the next game. The billiard stroke is an eternal task,” he added.

The support of his wife, who is also an active player, is a great help to him who always works hard. Kang Dong-gung said, “I focus on the game, and I can’t see it well because the spectators are far away. But being together is comforting.”

Gangdonggung will play against Choi Jae-dong in the quarterfinals at 4:30 pm on the 7th. It is the biggest mountain that he has to overcome right now to go beyond the semifinals and even win the championship. 슬롯사이트

Kang Dong-gung said, “Billiards is a game that does not know tomorrow. Conditions also change. You just have to do your best and focus. However, it is an unchanging fact that winning is always my aspiration.”

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