At this rate, we should be good for the summer season.

DePlus Kia swept Reef Sandbox 2-0 in the first round of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 at the LCK Arena Grand Seoul in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on Sunday. The first game of the season saw a cool performance. After showing an overwhelming difference in power in the first set, the team proved their worth in the second set by overcoming an early disadvantage. In a post-match interview, head coach Choi “ACON” Cheon-joo shared his impressions of the game and his plans for the summer season.

▶DePlus Kia Head Coach Choi ‘Acon’ Cheon-ju

“I think it’s good that we got together earlier than other teams and practiced with fewer vacations. I hope we can continue the momentum and have the last laugh in the summer season. I thought Reeve Sandbox was a strong team. Moreover, with the addition of Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, we had a lot of strength, so we were especially concerned about organizing the bottom tier. We had a good game, and I think it started with the bottom tier cleanup.

In the current meta, I think it’s just a bottom meta because there are a lot of value champions, starting with Milio and Yumi, rather than just ranged dealers, so when those champions are alive, you have to build a combination that can support them from the top, and when they’re not alive, you have to build a little bit more different champions from the top.

Against Jax, I picked Poppy, who has a W skill that can counter champions with mobility. We also thought about the possibility of Reeve Sandbox bottom picking in certain laning compositions, and he’s a champion that works best in situations where we can limit bottom picks, and he’s a good champion to protect our dealers, so we’ve been preparing for that in this patch. 먹튀검증

As for the season, I wouldn’t say we’re ready for it, but I think it’s going to come down to how well we perform in tournaments. Personally, I feel confident about the Summer Season. At this rate, I think we can do well.”

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