Another Ferguson recall ‘SNS controversy → three days probation’ Kim Seo-hyun, what is more painful than the club’s fine

In May 2011, it became famous as the advice of former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson during the case of football star Wayne Rooney, who was reprimanded for arguing with a fan on Twitter. As the influence of social media continues to grow, this 10-year-old saying is still being talked about like a famous saying.

It happened once again that Ferguson’s advice would come to the surface.

Rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon (19), who joined the Hanwha Eagles as the first overall rookie, is causing controversy after it was revealed that she criticized her team’s coach and fans on social media.

The Hanwha club conducted its own investigation after the undisclosed sub-account became known to the outside world. After confirming that the post was written by Kim Seo-hyun, he was placed on probation while participating in the Arizona camp.

Accordingly, Kim Seo-hyun did not show up at the continued training at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, the United States on the 7th (hereafter Korean time).

The Hanwha club said, “Kim Seo-hyun posted inappropriate posts on social media, such as disrespecting fans, and was excluded from group training for three days from the 6th local time.” Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “I asked the player himself if it was true, and the player admitted that it was his own writing. I want to say that there is no player greater than the team. In the wind, we communicated with the front desk and decided to punish.”

Kim Seo-hyun wrote a controversial article in a private sub-account. He did not intend to be open to all. However, a problem arose when it was leaked to the outside by others.

You may feel sorry for yourself. You might think, ‘Isn’t this a stolen diary?’

However, the controversy over the external leakage process is secondary. Regardless of the context, it is difficult to avoid consequential responsibility for inappropriate words and actions as a professional player as it is known to the outside world as a result.

The Hanwha club, which quickly took probation measures, reported the details of the incident to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

In the future, we plan to discuss with the KBO side and issue additional official disciplinary measures such as fines.

The most painful thing is that the image of a promising young player who has just entered the professional stage has changed to a negative, regardless of the disciplinary level. The best rookie who thrilled fans by throwing a 151km fastball with 70-80% of his strength in a bullpen pitching recently. It is very regrettable that the rumors outside of baseball caused a stir on social media. He should keep in mind that once it spreads, he cannot be rectified, which is a fatal side effect of SNS posts. 바카라사이트

SNS makes ripple power life. I can spread my news to the world in an instant. It is a charm and a great advantage, but it comes with a great responsibility. Words once spoken cannot be taken back. Even more, written words can be a more dangerous poison.

SNS use is an individual’s free domain, but inappropriate expressions that cause social controversy may not be an individual’s free domain. Celebrities who make money from the love of their fans, regardless of whether they are public figures or not, are matters that must be considered.

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