Angels sign for MLB’s No. 1 ransom: “Thank goodness they didn’t trade Ohtani”

The LA Angels have decided not to trade Shohei Otani, who has been rumored to be together until this season. Angels’ “signboard hitter” Mike Trout welcomed the news.

Trout said in an interview with local 안전놀이터 media on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), “I knew Otani would not move to another team (this season),” adding, “But I’m glad and happy to hear the news directly.”

Ohtani, who plays both pitching and batting in the Major League, will become an FA (free agent) after the end of this season. Otani said even before the season, “I want to play for a team with a winning record.”

Otani has been showing his best skills since entering the big leagues in 2018, but he has yet to take the MLB postseason stage.

Shohei Otani, who will be qualified as a free agent after this season. Getty Images
Local media in the U.S. predicted, “The Angels will use Otani as a trade card and recruit promising players.” Several teams, including the LA Dodgers, are reportedly interested in recruiting Ohtani.

As the deadline for the 2023 season trade deadline (August 2nd, Korean time) approached, attention was focused on Otani’s future.

However, the Angels chose to accompany Otani. Sports Illustrated (SI) said, “The Angels have received suggestions for Ohtani trade from several clubs, but they have decided to stay,” adding, “The Angels will start and strengthen the bullpen.”

On the 27th (Korea Standard Time), right-hander starter Lucas Giolito and right-hander bullpen Renaldo Lopez were recruited in a trade with the Chicago White Sox. Giolito, who has 6 wins, 6 losses and a 3.79 ERA this season, is a proven starting resource with 59 wins, 53 losses and a 4.26 ERA in the big leagues. Bullpen López, who posted two wins, five losses, four saves, and a 10-hold ERA of 4.29 this season, is also expected to help the bullpen. The immediate choice of all-out power while giving up promising players is an expression of his desire to advance to the postseason.

Getty Images
The Angels have won eight games and lost one in the last nine games, further heating up the American League wild card competition.

“(Ottani’s stay and strengthening of power through trade) is a good message for our players,” Trout welcomed.

Trout is the top superstar representing MLB. In 2019, he signed a 12-year contract with the Angels for a total of $426.5 million (555.1 billion). It is the record for the highest contract in MLB history. Trout, the top superstar representing U.S. baseball, boasts a fantastic chemistry, forming a front-and-back batting order with Otani. When the two players hit home runs together, the Angels’ winning rate this season is very high.

Trout, who left early June due to a fracture of his left hipbone, is scheduled to return in mid-August. He welcomed me, saying, “I’m getting better and better through training.”

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