Anderson, shocked by the release, said goodbye heartbroken

The KIA Tigers announced the replacement of both foreign pitchers on the 6th. The new Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni, who played together last year, will join. Adonis Medina had already left after being notified of her release on the 4th. But Sean Anderson was on the road with the squad.

Anderson was completely unaware 꽁머니지급 of his replacement. He accompanied him on the Incheon expedition and watched the game on the bench with the players until the 5th. He also talked with catcher Kim Tae-gun, who joined the team through a trade, and was happy with the team’s great victory.

However, Anderson’s release was confirmed the next day. Anderson was notified of his release during the day on the 6th, the last day of the Incheon expedition. It is rumored that he was greatly shocked by the unexpected notification. In fact, the KIA club is never relieved to say goodbye to Anderson. He was evaluated as sincere and good at work. He got along well with KIA players and was seen trying to adapt quickly to Korean culture. Club officials said, “He was a really good player in terms of personality.”

However, after much consideration, I had no choice but to say goodbye. This is because it is a cold assessment that Anderson’s ability to manage the game and how he plays against KBO League hitters are less competitive. Head coach Kim Jong-kook also said, “The pitch was a little monotonous. When he took the mound, he also seemed to lack the ability to lead six or seven innings. “I judged that foreign pitchers are not enough with this level of performance,” he said.

In fact, Anderson’s performance this season was not an extreme slump, with four wins, seven losses and a 3.76 ERA in 14 games. There were also eight quality starts out of 14 games. He also recorded a quality start in the last three games. However, inside, there was no choice but to look behind simple sexual performance. It was judged that only one win and two losses even after a quality start lacked the power to continue the lead in the game.

However, Anderson was more shocked by the release notice because he was doing well in his recent appearance. Anderson, who is still single, had just arrived in Korea in early July. Anderson’s girlfriend also watched the starting lineup in Jamsil on the 2nd. As he left the team just as he was about to start living together in Korea, he has to pack again.

Anderson is well aware, of course, that the professional world is cool. He soon recovered from the shock and said goodbye to the KIA team. Anderson said, “I’ve been with you since the beginning of spring camp, but I’m very sorry that I couldn’t be with you until the end. “I will cheer for the Tigers to perform well until the end,” he said, relieving his disappointment.

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