Amorepacific, holding onto the busy IBK Industrial Bank of Korea

Amorepacific sprinkled red pepper powder in the last game of the preliminary round.

Amorepacific won a thrilling 44-43 victory in the final match of Group B against IBK Industrial Bank of the Wilson Cup 2022-2023 Assist Worker Basketball League held at Tancheon Gymnasium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th.

Amorepacific, which had already suffered 3 losses and failed to advance to the semi-final tournament, showed off its best performance in the last game, holding back IBK Industrial Bank, which was busy fighting for rankings.

Amorepacific, where Lee Seok-hwan was responsible for the most points in the team with 19 points, Seo Chang-hyeon (12 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals) and Ahn Seong-jun (11 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal) formed a triangle formation and won a new victory. IBK Industrial Bank, which was in the middle of a ranking fight with the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency and Hyundai Motor Company, suffered a painful defeat, although Park Jun-ho struggled with 22 points.

IBK Industrial Bank may have been more motivated to win, but their fingertips were not hot at the beginning of the game. Rather, from the first quarter, Amorepacific succeeded in overpowering the team with Ahn Seong-jun and Lee Seok-hwan’s outer guns.

While IBK Industrial Bank of Korea was hardly able to catch a shot, Amorepacific went up to Seo Chang-hyeon and Lee Seok-hwan scored one after another, leading the first quarter by a score of 17-5.

IBK Industrial Bank, which was in crisis from the beginning, regained its momentum in the second quarter. When Amorepacific tried to run away with Lee Seok-hwan’s outer gun, IBK Industrial Bank started to pursue with Park Jun-ho at the center of the team. Han Seung-hoon also added a 3-point shot to this, allowing Amorepacific to pursue to 23-20 in the second quarter, when firepower quickly cooled.

However, Amorepacific, which was still the owner of the lead, started to run away again in the third quarter. At the start of the third quarter, Han Seung-hoon of IBK Industrial Bank tied the score with a 3-point shot, and Amorepacific’s Byun Sang-min fired back. 온라인바카라

Afterwards, a seesaw game in which the lead was reversed continued, and in the end it was Amorepacific that broke the flow again. Lee Seok-hwan took the center of the attack again, breaking away from IBK IBK’s pursuit, which had been momentarily shut up. With Ahn Seong-jun’s speedy attack added, Amorepacific faced the fourth quarter with a 38-28, double-digit lead.

Nevertheless, the road to victory for Amorepacific was not easy. IBK Industrial Bank was also desperate for a win, so at the beginning of the 4th quarter, Eun Hee-joo and Ahn Seong-hyun became the axis and put pressure on Amorepacific.

However, despite the fierce pursuit, Amorepacific never allowed a reversal in the lead like a thin ice sheet. Whenever there was a crisis of allowing a reversal, Amorepacific kept the lead as Altoran scored a goal. IBK Industrial Bank succeeded in catching up by one point with Park Jun-ho scoring with about 40 seconds left in the game, but after that, the remaining time passed as it was, and Amorepacific reaped the beauty of the end.

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