After the World Cup… If you look at Lee Kang-in, ‘rough tackle’ Valverde did an uppercut and this time ‘grins’

It was Valverde again.

Spain’s Real Madrid’s Valverde tackled Mallorca’s Lee Kang-in again. It was even a back tackle. Valverde was rough from the start. At the start of the game, Lee Kang-in dribbled and pushed him from behind, and Lee Kang-in collapsed.

The scene in question came in the 19th minute of the second half. While Lee Kang-in was competing for the ball with the opponent’s defense in midfield, Valverde made a strong tackle from behind when Lee Kang-in tried to beat the defense with his personal skills. Lee Kang-in, who collapsed on the ground, grabbed his calf and made a painful expression.

Valverde didn’t look apologetic. The referee immediately took out a yellow card for the rough play, but Valverde showed a satisfied expression with a ‘laugh’. Rather, Valverde’s colleague Ceballos approached the fallen Lee Kang-in and asked if he was okay. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big injury, but it was a moment that made his heart sink for Lee Kang-in’s fans.

Spanish media ‘El Observador’ evaluated that ” Valverde felt anger and frustration.” On this day, Valverde shot 4 shots, but 3 missed the goal, and the pass success rate was 89%., a soccer statistics site, gave Valverde a low rating of 6.16 points.

Real Madrid coach Valverde was booked and replaced by Modric. Bel Verde then took a seat on the bench as if protesting the replacement and showed his anger by punching his chair.

This is not the first time Valverde has played rough against Lee Kang-in. In the first leg of last year’s Qatar World Cup group stage match between Korea and Uruguay, Valverde made a rough tackle on Lee Kang-in.

When Lee Kang-in, who was substituted in the second half of the 30th minute, moved actively and changed the flow of the game, he made a rough tackle. Then Lee Kang-in showed off his uppercut ceremony and provoked him. However, Lee Kang-in did not show any reaction and laughed and immediately got up and continued the game.

As a result, we advanced to the round of 16 and became the final winners. Uruguay was eliminated in the group stage, and Valverde was also in tears.

It was the same in Gyeonggi on this day. Valverde still played aggressively, but Lee Kang-in laughed. Mallorca beat Real 1-0. In the 13th minute of the first half, Real defender Nacho competed with Mallorca striker Muriki for a header, and the ball hit Nacho’s head headed into Real’s goal, which became the winning goal.

It’s been 3 years and 4 months since October 2019 that Mallorca won against ‘strong’ Real. Mallorca, who won a valuable victory, continues to pursue the mid-to-high ranks in the 10th place in the league, continuing the upward trend of 2 wins and 1 loss in the last 3 games. 카지노사이트

Although he did not record any goals or assists, Lee Kang-in put pressure on the Real defense by moving between the center and the flanks throughout the game. Recently, concerns have emerged, such as rumors of discord with the team over Lee Kang-in’s transfer failure, but Spanish media ‘As’ praised Lee Kang-in’s fighting spirit. He said, “The fact that Lee Kang-in wanted to leave is itself surprising,” and he said, “I gave my all in his stadium and left exhausted.” “Lee Kang-in played on the wing, worked in the center, passed into space, and tried to knock on the goal,” he said. “He is a player with really special qualities.”

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