‘67 billion debut goal’ Liverpool ‘first win in the New Year’s league’

Liverpool, who have never won a league game this year.

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Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton.

Everton’s fierce corner kick.

The header is blocked by the post, and the shot hit again is blocked again.

And Liverpool’s counterattack that followed immediately!

After exchanging a 2-1 pass with Salah, Núñez runs at breakneck speed.

Salado rushes into the empty space, but

shoots! Enter! 먹튀검증

It’s rewarding to run over 50 meters.

In the second half, Arnold’s cross is pushed by the square gun!

Gakpo’s Liverpool debut goal, signed for 61 billion won!

Liverpool report their first league win this year in five matches.


Let’s go to La Liga this time.

Real Sociedad’s attack and

defense hit the ball, and Kubo connects it with a picturesque opening goal!

That’s a nice half volley.

This time, Kubo raised a cross from the side.

Hit the opponent’s defense head and go in.

In the end, this own goal became the winning goal.


The last is American college basketball.

With two points behind, the five-point shot goes straight in!

But it wasn’t a buzzer beater.

He has 0.4 seconds left, can he use his chance?

Avoid the defense and catch the ball thrown long and shoot! I’m in!

It’s an incredible buzzer beater.

He has been a top play so far.

Video Editing: Koh Kum-geun

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